My Trial – What can I expect?


Feeling excited? You should be. Today is the day when you get a glimpse of the pampering you’ll receive on your wedding day.

By the end of your trial you’ll know exactly how you will look on your big day. We will work together, with you at the heart of the creative process to create your bespoke bridal day look.


1. Personal Preferences

Firstly we find out your likes dislikes and personal preferences, the little quirks you do with your own hair or makeup day to day. This ensures the look will be bespoke to you and feel in your comfort zone.


2. Preferred Styles

Next we will discuss any styles you envisage for your wedding day look.
In preparation for your trial you may like to collect ideas of styles you love from Pinterest, Instagram or bridal magazines, or you can view our real bride moodboards here for inspiriation.


3. Your Bridal Look

We will then start to create the look, showing you at each stage to ensure you are happy with the progress. The trial usually takes 1.5 hours however we do not have a time limit on the trial, we will try as many styles as is necessary to create your perfect bridal look.


3. Trial Preparation



For your hair trial please bring along any hair accessories you would like so you can see how it will look on the wedding day.

If you want hair extensions adding please purchase and bring them to the trial, we reccommend Paul’s Hair World at the Arndale, Manchester as they will colour match to your hair.

Please wash your hair the night before and dry with minimal styling products if possible, ready to style at the trial.



For your makeup trial please bring along any makeup you like to use, this will help us to understand your personal preferences.

If you are having a tan for your wedding day it is best to trial it and come already tanned so you can see what it will look like.

If you are thinking of having professional lashes applied for the wedding it is also advisable to have them for the trial so you can see the final look.

If requested we will also try on lashes at the trial so you can see how they will look on the wedding day. If you have not added them to your booking you can do so at this stage, we have a variety of lashes with prices starting from £5.

Lashes for your wedding party can be decided on the wedding day and paid for via your online booking form.


4. Bring a friend

Feel free to have a friend or relative present at the trial who’s opinion you value as this can be helpful in choosing your final look. (current Coronavirus safety protocols will apply)


and finally…

It is important to let us know that you are happy at the trial with your chosen look as any subsequent trials will need to be paid for.


We look forward to sharing your bridal journey

Your Absolutely Flawless Bridal Team xx

The Breathing Room

2020 has done its best to put a multitude of obstacles in the way of anyone planning a wedding. Whether they be full lockdowns, local lockdowns, restrictions on guests or self-isolation periods, and the stress levels of affected brides are at boiling point.

The organisation involved in any wedding is huge and the thought of having to move what is a very large jigsaw piece so it fits perfectly at another date and time is not an easy one.

That is why we have opened ‘The Breathing Room

We are offering a FREE 3 year postponement service for any bride who has already booked bridal hair and makeup from Absolutely Flawless and is looking to postpone because of government restrictions relating to Coronavirus.

It will give you the room to wait until you are happy to choose a date in the future when restrictions are more suited to the way you envisaged your big day. It will also give you the peace of mind that we will move with you*, your booking will simply be moved to your new date.

This is how it works…


  1. You inform your artist/stylist of your wish to postpone on [23/09/20]
  2. You then have 18 months to inform us of your new date which would take you to [23/03/22]
  3. The new wedding date must then take place within 18 months of the date you informed us [23/09/23]

This gives you 3 years breathing room and in a time of high stress it is one less thing to worry about.

If your wedding plans are being affected by Coronavirus, please contact your artist immediately so we can support you.

Jo Pearson x
Owner and Principal MUA

*future dates are subject to availability, if your original artist is not available then we will use our reasonable endeavours to provide another artist/stylist from our large team.

Coronavirus Safety Measures – How will it affect my wedding?


At the beginning of lockdown we conducted an extensive ‘risk assessment’ of our working practices for both hair and makeup, what we could do to add the appropriate level of safety, security and limit exposure for clients and our talented team.

The resulting ‘risk assessment’ has been used to create a timeline of your booking as you get closer to your wedding, a set of safety procedures that Absolutely Flawless Bridal Hair & Makeup will use to carry out all interactions with our brides/clients in the light of the Coronavirus threat.

Most chart our responsibilities to you and what you can expect from us, however, as we are all ‘mobile’ and work in multiple locations we require some assurances from yourself that our working environment is prepared for our arrival, so with it the procedures below also outline your responsibilities to us.





Your artist will contact you 14 days before your trial/wedding to discuss whether:

  • you
  • or anyone in your household
  • or bridal party members having hair/makeup

currently has Coronavirus symptoms or has been exposed to anyone with symptoms. Your artist(s) will also confirm whether she has symptoms or has been exposed to anyone with symptoms.


If the answer is ‘YES’:

  • You will confirm that you, members of your household and/or bridal party members are getting a Coronavirus test immediately to ensure you/they are well enough in time for any treatments to take place at your trial or wedding address.
  • Your artist(s) will also get a Coronavirus test to make sure they are well enough in time for your trial/wedding. If it is looking like the artist will be poorly we will use our reasonable endeavours to make arrangements with another team member to take over.
  • 14 days before your trial/wedding you will also receive an email covering all of the above for which we require an emailed response.




Your artist will contact you 1 day before your trial/wedding to discuss whether

  • you
  • or anyone in your household
  • or bridal party members having hair/makeup

currently has Coronavirus symptoms or has been exposed to anyone with symptoms.



If the answer is ‘YES’

For the trial

  • If a bridal party member is affected and they are not part of the same household as the bride then the bridal trial can proceed.
  • If the bride is affected the trial cannot proceed and your artist/stylist will endeavour to re-schedule your trial to the next earliest date available.

For the wedding

  • If a bridal party member is affected and they are not part of the same household as the bride then the wedding booking can proceed.
  • If the bride is affected we cannot proceed with the booking and our cancellation terms and conditions will apply. (link)

1 day before your trial/wedding you will also receive an email covering all of the above for which we require an emailed response.




If you feel unwell or come into contact with anyone with coronavirus symptoms at any time within 14 days of your trial or wedding, please get in touch with your artist/stylist immediately. Your artist(s) will also contact you if they have coronavirus symptoms within 14 days of your trial or wedding, at which point we will use our reasonable endeavours to make arrangements with another team member to take over.




Absolutely Flawless Bridal Hair & Makeup are Government Covid-19 Compliant, we have conducted our own internal risk assessment to ensure both clients and team members are working in a safe, sanitary environment. All our team have also completed the Barbicide Covid-19 Compliant Course.

The following measures outline new our Covid-19 compliant working practices and how that will look on your big day.


  • All equipment and products used to carry out your treatment will be sanitised before and after each use and in between each client with products conforming to BS EN standards. With deep cleans of all equipment at the end of each day.
  • We have stopped the practice of car sharing with immediate effect where more than one artist was booked for the same wedding, this is to reduce chances of infection due to long periods in a confined space.




Your artist will run through the checklist of items required in preparation for her arrival and make sure you understand everything.






  1. Before your artist(s) enter your house/hotel room, you will be asked to complete a ‘Doorstep Disclosure Form’ that will be signed by both you and the artist(s) The form will cover all Absolutely Flawless clients and anyone present in the house/hotel room.

    The form will record the following:

    • confirmation that the bride/bridal party has no symptoms
    • confirmation that the artist(s) has no symptoms
    • record the current temperature of the bride/bridal party and artist(s) with a thermometer used by the artist(s)

    You can see a copy of the Doorstep Disclosure Form here

  2. Extra time will be allocated to each booking to allow for rigorous cleaning of equipment and surfaces between bridal party members. Your artist(s) will adjust your current timings to allow for this and confirm with you directly.

  3. Extra time will be allocated to each booking to allow Hair Stylists and Makeup artists to have fresh air breaks when they require them.

  4. PPE will be worn for the duration of the booking by all team members including: Visor, Mask, Gloves (if they need to use the toilets) and couch roll for resting all equipment on.

  5. Both makeup artists and hair stylists can’t work with gloves on so hands will be washed/sanitised at regular intervals.

  6. Digital Moodboards used at trial stage will be sent as a link to view on bride/clients phone to avoid cross contamination.







  1. Before your artist(s) enter your house/hotel room, you will be asked to complete a ‘doorstep disclosure form’ that will be signed by both you and the artist(s)

    The form will cover all Absolutely Flawless clients present in the house/hotel room.

    You can see a copy of the Doorstep Disclosure Form here

  2. On the day of your trial/wedding, the room provided must be large enough for a good circulation of air with all windows and to remain open for the duration of the treatment(s).

  3. You must provide a sanitised room, free of obstructions with an area big enough for the artist/stylist to place their equipment.

  4. During your trial, you will ensure that the only person in the room with the artist/stylist(s) is the person who is having their hair/make up done. No other persons may be present including friends, relations or children.

  5. On the wedding day, only photographers will be permitted to enter the room where the artist/stylist(s) is doing makeup/hair providing they are ‘wearing a mask’ and stay ‘2 metres’ away from the artist(s) at all times.

  6. If more than one artist/stylist is needed either from Absolutely Flawless or another supplier they must be enabled to work at least 2 metres apart or enabled to work in a different room in the home/hotel room.

  7. All bridal party members must wash their hands using soap and water or sanitiser gel before their treatment starts.

  8. You must wear a facemask whilst your hair stylist is doing your hair, and again when any ‘eye’ makeup is being applied. If you don’t have a mask on the day then one will be provided for a small fee.

  9. Any music or TV is to be kept at a very low level, this is prevent shouting or raised voices which increase potential transmission of contaminated airborn particles.

  10. At trial stage we will require the full names and phone numbers for all members of your bridal party having treatments with Absolutely Flawless on the wedding day. This is to adhere to the governments track and trace guidelines.

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For many brides-to-be the wedding dress is the most important part of wedding planning. Get the perfect dress and all will be fine, yes? Well, actually, your bridal makeup is pretty important too! That’s because if you make a mistake here, it’ll show up on your wedding photos – and they are for life!

So we’ve cherry picked the biggest bridal makeup mistakes we’ve come across over the years, to help you avoid making them so you can look back on your photos and love them forever.

Not booking a trial

You may think a trial is just a way for makeup artists like us to make more money. In actual fact, it’s the very best thing you can do to ensure you look perfect on your special day. That’s because we use the trial to assess your skin, discuss your skincare, find out how you usually have your makeup, talk about what colours and looks suit you, discuss your wedding theme – so you see, a trial is vital to give us the whole picture ahead of the day. We recommend you book a trial for yourself as well as your bridesmaids if possible to ensure we can achieve a perfect balance for your big day and of course those all-important photographs.



Too much makeup

Many women wear makeup on a daily basis, but for brides who are more used to the natural, fresh-faced look, choosing a fully made up look for your wedding day could be a big mistake. For starters, you’ll look completely different. And while you may love that look for your wedding day, when you look back on your photographs over the years to come, you’ll barely recognise yourself, and you could end up seriously regretting it. You will find that your makeup looks fairly heavy to the naked eye, but this is necessary to show up on the photographs. We promise to use only the very best makeup brands to give you day-long flawless coverage – whether you’re into natural beauty or vintage glam.



Having a spray tan

Great Britain is not known for having the best weather – and for brides who like to look tanned, a spray tan may be the best option. However please be very careful with this. If you’ve never had one before, remember you will need to have a patch test 24 hours before the tan to ensure it won’t react badly with your skin. Next, avoid going too dark with the colour – you’ll only need a sun-kissed look so choose the shade that best complements your skin. The last thing you want on your wedding day is super-dark legs and a pale face because you have naturally fair skin. We ask if you’re planning on having a spray tan that you also have one before your trial so we can ensure your makeup complements your new skin tone.



Over-plucking on the day

On the morning of your wedding day we recommend you cleanse, tone and moisturise your face and brush your teeth before we arrive. But please put down the tweezers! Your wedding day is not the time to try out a new eyebrow look. Your pre-wedding nerves may get the better of you and the last thing you want is to be left with little to no eyebrows. Not to mention unsightly red bumps and rashes. We can use makeup to define your brows but it can’t replace missing eyebrows so please resist the wax and tweezers for one day.



Refusing to wear waterproof

You may not wear waterproof makeup on a daily basis but we can guarantee that your wedding day is a day where it’s essential. You’ll have a long day ahead of you with all eyes on you. With all your loved ones there congratulating you, you’ll be doing a lot of kissing, hugging, crying –and don’t forget dancing! That’s why waterproofing is vital to ensure your makeup coverage lasts all day long.



Want to ensure you don’t make any makeup mistakes on your big day? Fill out our enquiry form today and book Absolutely Flawless for your bridal hair and makeup!






Trends come and go in the world of beauty – from the complete and utter bizarre (glittery eyebrows we’re looking at you!) to the timeless classics (hello smoky eyes!). But when it comes to bridal hair and make-up, it’s a little bit different.

That’s because every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Who wouldn’t? That means that your wedding day is no time to test out a brand-new never-seen-before look. That’s not to say you can’t go all out for the biggest, most important day of your life. After all, it’s your big day – you make the rules!

At Absolutely Flawless we see many brides every day – and each one wants a slightly different look. There’s one thing they all have in common though – nobody wants to be the outdated, old fashioned bride!

Here are our favourite bridal hair and make-up trends of 2017 – and a few predictions for what next year will hold for those of you getting married in 2018!

Bright Berry Lips

You’re going to do an awful lot of smiling on your wedding day – as well as a lot of kissing! So that means your lip game has to be pukker! This year we’ve seen a surge in the number of brides requesting a bright berry lip – from raspberry pink to strawberry red. And we love every single one of them. It’s the perfect choice for brides looking for vintage glam and works well with natural make-up to draw attention to the lips – or sultry smoky eyes for full-on vintage.


Bronzed-to-perfection Base

Brides-to-be if there’s one single piece of advice we could give you, please please please step away from the fake tan in the weeks leading up to your wedding day. After all, no bride wants her beautiful white dress stained with tell-tale fake tan marks! Instead why not opt for a bronzed base for a flawless look that’ll have all your guests wondering if you’ve been on holiday – your skin will look that radiant.


Classic Cat Eye

Feline flicks are a classic choice for bridal make-up. They work for pretty much every bride, no matter what your style or wedding theme – or what season you’re getting married in! They’re a great way to define your eyes. Make your peepers pop with a complementary light shade of eyeshadow and lashings of mascara.


Naturally Does It

Unlike previous years we’ve seen a bigger interest in naturally textured tresses, with many brides embracing their natural waves for a soft, romantic look.


Sleek and Straight

While many brides still request classic curled dos, we’ve seen many of our loves brides opt for sleek, straight styles for flawless-looking fuss-free hair.


Crown Braids

The ultimate romantic bridal hairstyle – the crown braid has proven to be one of the most popular styles of the year for brides of all ages. The perfect choice for a spring/summer wedding, you can enhance it with soft florals for extra-romance.


And for 2018…

We’re sure that bridal hair and make-up won’t change too drastically next year. Looking at the catwalks for inspiration, we’re predicting that brides will want to step away from the straighteners and curling tongs in favour of natural, romantic waves – with floral crowns featuring everywhere come mid-year! As for bridal make-up, it’s looking like natural and flawless is the way forward. We’re thinking dewy, glowing base teamed with a soft smoky eye and nude lip.

What’s your favourite bridal trend of 2017?


Pulling a look together

Being a bride-to-be or planning for a special event, you probably have a million things going around in your head which can often lead to decision making becoming quite difficult and ‘the little things’ going unnoticed.

In this blog, we wanted to take some of that stress away and help you to think about how to co-ordinate your aesthetic for your wedding day or special event.

Firstly, it is worth spending time looking through the four main makeup looks:

“Too glam to give a damn”  A mixture of a smokey eye and bold lips to give more of a dramatic look on your big day.

glamour_moodboard_01 glamour_moodboard_02 glamour_moodboard_10glamour_moodboard_13

“I’m ready for my close up” Think intense lipstick in reds and pinks paired with dramatic winged eyeliner.

vintage_moodboard_05 vintage_moodboard_06 vintage_moodboard_08vintage_moodboard_01

“Sometimes less is more”. This look is more natural with subtle eyes and lips. Think soft pinks, neutrals and pales.

nude_moodboard_01 nude_moodboard_11 nude_moodboard_14nude_moodboard_05

“Eyes are the window to the soul”. This one is for those of you who like a dark smokey eye but subtle lips. We’re talking greys and browns paired with peachy pinks.

smokey_moodboard_06 smokey_moodboard_09 smokey_moodboard_11smokey_moodboard_14


Almost every makeup look is based off these four looks and they can be individualised to be just as unique as you!

Once you’ve decided which look fits your style best, it’s time to start gathering some pictures. (We regularly post different looks and mood boards on our bridal page so keep checking in for suggestions.)
We would strongly suggest searching for makeup looks and hair styles which are on models that have the same skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and face shape as you -this way you can get an idea of how things will suit you.
For example, blue eyes are complimented by bronze/brown tones as it the perfect contrast to make the eyes pop whereas brown eyes look amazing with plums and mauves and green eyes really stand out with greys and silvers.

Another thing to consider is your style of dress (after all, we are going for a HtoT (head to toe) look here!)
If you have a lacy, vintage style dress you may be more interested in a vintage or smokey style makeup whereas a satin more understated dress can lend itself nicely to a glamour or natural style of makeup.

If you’re having bridesmaids, it may be useful to have a trial together to ensure that their makeup compliments yours and each other’s – as well as their dresses.

Of course, the choice is completely yours and we are here merely to support and guide you to ensure that you are ‘the best version of you’ on your wedding day or special event.

We look forward to seeing your scrap books and mood boards at your consultations!!

Joanne x



Bride’s perspective – Why I chose Absolutely Flawless

Choosing any supplier for your wedding day can be a daunting task – after all, you probably have an idea of how you want things to look and a vision of how you see yourself looking on your big day.
I know I was particularly worried about getting the right suppliers for my wedding -especially the right makeup artist as I was quite nervous about having all those photographs taken and worrying I wouldn’t look ‘right’ in them!!

I researched and spoke to several different makeup artists around Cheshire and the North West but what stood out about Jo was not only the amazing ‘before and after’ transformations she had on the website but how much time she spent listening to my ideas and wishes from the first phone call. I instantly felt that she was going to work WITH me rather than just AT me.

I have to admit, I wasn’t 100% sure on what kind of wedding makeup would suit me as I usually don’t wear eyeshadow or much lipstick so it was really useful to spend some time at the trial consultation discussing my preferences and blending that with Jo’s expertise and advice (I learnt loads!!).

Most of my bridal party also had a trial and I think it helped to put our minds at ease (there were a few worries from some that had had bad experiences with other makeup artists we were all going to end up looking like clowns or not feeling like ourselves) so I’d really recommend having a trial!

It was only at my trial that I realised I didn’t actual like the colours I thought would suit me and Jo was so patient trying out different colours and styles (I don’t know how she didn’t lose her patience with my indecisiveness!).

My beautiful bridesmaids were all unique with different face shapes, colourings and preferences. I wanted to make sure that they all felt gorgeous and special on the day and knew this would take someone who could listen and adapt the makeup to suit each individual; Jo and the team definitely did that!

For me, it was extremely important that I connected with the person who I would be spending the morning of my wedding with (and I held this in mind when choosing all of my suppliers).

I was anticipating that I might be a little anxious and so it was a big plus that Jo and Natassja (our makeup artists) were so friendly, calm and in control as they were so professional and bubbly that it made us all feel at ease.

From someone who doesn’t usually like how they photograph, Jo and Natassja helped to make me actually like the way I looked (not an easy task, I can tell you!) and I am so happy with how my wedding makeup turned out.

Thank you so much ladies – I honestly can’t thank you enough!

– Becci

(photos by Richard Milnes Photography)



 Hello everyone and welcome to our new look website

We have just launched our sparkly new website along with our new team and are so excited to share it with you all so we thought we would take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about us…

So, what’s different about Absolutely Flawless and why should you chose us?

Well, Absolutely Flawless is now a team of fully qualified and experienced make-up artists and hair stylists who all work together to cover the North West England area.

The team is overseen by Joanne Pearson (founder and senior makeup artist with over 20 years experience of working in the industry) and all artists and stylists are interviewed and observed by Joanne before joining the team.

All of the make-up team are then given further training and supervision to ensure that they adhere to the high standard Absolutely Flawless is known for (we’ve had celebrities requesting our services don’t you know!!).

What this means for you, our dear customers, is that you can book hair or makeup for your wedding with confidence; knowing that you are going to receive a fully bespoke and dedicated customer service from highly experienced, talented (and very friendly!) staff.

Once you have decided you want to book with us, we will match you with a member of the team who will be in touch to discuss the next steps. .. it really is that easy!

A big part of our process is getting to know you – what you like and don’t like, your makeup/hair quirks, what your personality is like and exactly how you want to look for your special occasion. No two customers are the same and we love that! We want to embrace your differences and help you feel like a million dollars!!

We know how important building a rapport with your artist/stylist is and we want to get to know our previous and future clients a little bit more too; so, over the next few months we are going to be blogging about different things such as our favourite beauty buys, top tips, staff profiles and features of previous clients.

If there is anything you would like us to feature (either your photos or questions/topics you would like us to discuss) please get in touch via email and we will do our best to accommodate.

I’d just like to add a special thank you to the highly talented Lee Brown Photography and Mike Langley of Satin Pictures who provided photography and videography respectively for the website, and the immense help from web designer Andrew Whittle of Whittle Design Studio for his skill and patience producing the site, along with copywriter Sue Lister at Tresil copywriting services for her super talented way with words.

We hope you’re going to find these blogs useful and we can’t wait to share our stories with you!

Until next time…

– The AF team



Do you want to look like “Bride of the Year” Michelle Keegan? then check out my ‘how to guide’ to re-create this glowing make-up. Your skin will be perfected in minutes leaving more time to bag your own Mr Wright!

Prep like a celeb with Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow £38.50 (for a more dewy finish) then add Smashbox Oil Free Photo Finish Primer £25 to oily areas to conceal open pores and keep skin shine free.

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation £36.50 is one of Michelle’s favourite foundations as it gives a luminous finish to the skin when applied with a stippling brush.

Apply in a triangular shape under the eyes and forehead towards the nose. Michelle loves MAC Prolong Wear Concealer £17, select 2 shades lighter than your foundation.

Bronze & Glow
Bronze the hollows of the cheek area; under the chin; sides of the nose and over the eyes using Sleek Makeup Face Form £9.99, then highlight the cheek bones and centre of the nose, finishing with a touch of peach to give that natural flush.

Michelle selects lip colours with natural ‘barely there’ tones which are on trend for this summer, so try MAC Lipstick in Coral Bliss £15.50 or a nude tone to suit your complexion.

The look wouldn’t be complete without big lashes, apply your favourite mascara along with Eylure Cheryl Lashes, £5.25.



Sexy smokey eyes is something we would all love to recreate but for most its like trying to bag Bradley Cooper, impossible right? well here’s 7 easy steps to creating an easy stress free smokey eye which will definitely turn heads in your little black dress.

  1. After concealing the eye, slick on some eye primer over the whole eye area, this will create the perfect oil free base for your eye shadow to cling to and will prevent creasing.
  2. With a large fluffy eye shadow brush apply the base colour to the whole eye area, this should be a nude tone close to your natural skin colour.
  3. With a crease brush apply a bronze shadow to the socket line (to locate, press with your finger to find the bit that dips in under your brow bone) then apply to the under eye close to the lash line.
  4. Sculpt those smokey eyes with a small angled eye shadow brush. Apply a deep chocolate brown underneath, tight in to the lash line winging it outwards, then shade half way across the socket and blend any harsh lines.
  5. Give your eyes that sultry look by lining both top and bottom lid with a gel liner applied with a brush, ensuring you apply in the water line to the lower lashes.
  6. Have the full lashes you’ve always dreamt of by applying a lash primer to the lashes before mascara. Apply in thin strokes like you would apply your normal mascara.
  7. Finish the look with a false lash effect mascara applied in a zig zag motion pulling the lashes upwards to give them that extra lift.



Hair and makeup are one of the most important aspects of your special day to get right. Check out these tops tips for hair and makeup to ensure you are perfectly polished and camera ready for your wedding day.

Book it – Book your hair and makeup as soon as you know the wedding date as most professional hair and makeup artists get booked a year or more in advance.

Plan it – Plan a date for your hair and make-up trial six months before your wedding, arranging a date for around 6-8 weeks before your wedding so it can then be tied in with your hen night or dress fitting.

Find your style – Research images of hair and make-up that you love and bring them with you to the trial. Top Tip: opt for images that are similar to your hair and skin tone, identifying what you like about each image.

The little extras – If you are considering a tan, lash extensions, new hair cut or colour, it is best to have these done before the trial date, this will show you how your hair and make-up will look on the day with any
added extras.

Skin prep – Another big bonus to getting your bridal trial done well in advance is it will give you time to implement any advice given at the trial to get your skin in tip top condition.

Prep it – If you are having brows shaped for the day also consider getting them groomed for the trial, that way you will have a clear picture of how it will look on the day.

Bring it – Bring your make-up bag to show the make-up artist what you currently wear, this will give them a good guide to the level of make-up you feel comfortable wearing.

Hair prep – Wash your hair the night before the wedding, this will ensure the style will hold and give volume. Avoid using styling products or straightening irons on the day as styling products can limit shine and straightening can prevent effective curling and volume.