Pulling a look together

Being a bride-to-be or planning for a special event, you probably have a million things going around in your head which can often lead to decision making becoming quite difficult and ‘the little things’ going unnoticed.

In this blog, we wanted to take some of that stress away and help you to think about how to co-ordinate your aesthetic for your wedding day or special event.

Firstly, it is worth spending time looking through the four main makeup looks:

“Too glam to give a damn”  A mixture of a smokey eye and bold lips to give more of a dramatic look on your big day.

glamour_moodboard_01 glamour_moodboard_02 glamour_moodboard_10glamour_moodboard_13

“I’m ready for my close up” Think intense lipstick in reds and pinks paired with dramatic winged eyeliner.

vintage_moodboard_05 vintage_moodboard_06 vintage_moodboard_08vintage_moodboard_01

“Sometimes less is more”. This look is more natural with subtle eyes and lips. Think soft pinks, neutrals and pales.

nude_moodboard_01 nude_moodboard_11 nude_moodboard_14nude_moodboard_05

“Eyes are the window to the soul”. This one is for those of you who like a dark smokey eye but subtle lips. We’re talking greys and browns paired with peachy pinks.

smokey_moodboard_06 smokey_moodboard_09 smokey_moodboard_11smokey_moodboard_14


Almost every makeup look is based off these four looks and they can be individualised to be just as unique as you!

Once you’ve decided which look fits your style best, it’s time to start gathering some pictures. (We regularly post different looks and mood boards on our bridal page so keep checking in for suggestions.)
We would strongly suggest searching for makeup looks and hair styles which are on models that have the same skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and face shape as you -this way you can get an idea of how things will suit you.
For example, blue eyes are complimented by bronze/brown tones as it the perfect contrast to make the eyes pop whereas brown eyes look amazing with plums and mauves and green eyes really stand out with greys and silvers.

Another thing to consider is your style of dress (after all, we are going for a HtoT (head to toe) look here!)
If you have a lacy, vintage style dress you may be more interested in a vintage or smokey style makeup whereas a satin more understated dress can lend itself nicely to a glamour or natural style of makeup.

If you’re having bridesmaids, it may be useful to have a trial together to ensure that their makeup compliments yours and each other’s – as well as their dresses.

Of course, the choice is completely yours and we are here merely to support and guide you to ensure that you are ‘the best version of you’ on your wedding day or special event.

We look forward to seeing your scrap books and mood boards at your consultations!!

Joanne x