The Breathing Room

2020 has done its best to put a multitude of obstacles in the way of anyone planning a wedding. Whether they be full lockdowns, local lockdowns, restrictions on guests or self-isolation periods, and the stress levels of affected brides are at boiling point.

The organisation involved in any wedding is huge and the thought of having to move what is a very large jigsaw piece so it fits perfectly at another date and time is not an easy one.

That is why we have opened β€˜The Breathing Room’

We are offering a FREE 3 year postponement service for any bride who has already booked bridal hair and makeup from Absolutely Flawless and is looking to postpone because of government restrictions relating to Coronavirus.

It will give you the room to wait until you are happy to choose a date in the future when restrictions are more suited to the way you envisaged your big day. It will also give you the peace of mind that we will move with you*, your booking will simply be moved to your new date.

This is how it works…


  1. You inform your artist/stylist of your wish to postpone on [23/09/20]
  2. You then have 18 months to inform us of your new date which would take you to [23/03/22]
  3. The new wedding date must then take place within 18 months of the date you informed us [23/09/23]

This gives you 3 years breathing room and in a time of high stress it is one less thing to worry about.

If your wedding plans are being affected by Coronavirus, please contact your artist immediately so we can support you.

Jo Pearson x
Owner and Principal MUA

*future dates are subject to availability, if your original artist is not available then we will use our reasonable endeavours to provide another artist/stylist from our large team.