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It is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions that will apply to this contract before signing. If there is any term that you do not understand or do not wish to agree to, then please discuss it with us before signing.

You should pay particular attention to the sections: Securing the Booking of the event; Your Right to Change Your Mind (paragraphs 1-9); Ending the contract; Limit on our Responsibility to you; the Coronavirus Cancellation Terms

Please scroll down for changes and additions to our terms and conditions in light of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Terms and Conditions)




Absolutely Flawless/Us/We/Our: Absolutely Flawless Limited Company number 10170161 at info@absolutely-flawless.net

The Client: The recipient of the service and name listed on the booking form
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Name on form
The Agreement: The contract that exists between the client and the hair or make-up artist for the agreed fee
The fee: The amount payable by the client to the hair or make-up artist for the services listed above
The event: Relates in principal to the date whereby the wedding takes place.
The party: Additional members of the party that require the service.
The services: The hair and make-up services we provide to you which are described in the quote
Deposit: The part of the fee that you pay at the time of booking to reserve dates and to pay for our costs in booking artists which is 30% of the total booking fee.
Trial: the trial run of the hair and/or make-up Services which takes place prior to the event.
Cooling-off Period: 14 days from the date that we confirm your booking.

Securing the booking of the event

  1. Once you have sent your initial enquiry, we will check our availability for your wedding date including any extra mileage costs if applicable and send a full breakdown of the quote by email within 24 hours of your request (mon-fri). If enquiring at the weekend we will check availability on monday morning.
  2. To check availability of a specific team member please specify the person you would prefer on your enquiry form then we will check if they are available for your wedding date first before enquiring to the rest of the team.
  3. The online quote will confirm the details provided including the wedding date, time, your contact number and email address, your hair or make-up artists name, the location for the hair/makeup on the wedding day, and trial address if applicable.
  4. The online quote will also show a full break down of how many people require hair or makeup including the total cost plus travel expenses if applicable (please advise if any parking fees apply as these are also payable to the artist on the day).
  5. When we send you the quote, your booking has been provisionally reserved with the selected hair or makeup artist for 7 days only. If you need more time please contact Joanne by email at info@absolutely-flawless.net
  6. From receipt of the quote there are 7 days to send the Deposit. If not booked by this date, the date and your designated hair or makeup artist will be released and can be offered to another client.
  7. To make any amendments to the quote before booking please contact Joanne by email at info@absolutely-flawless.net
  8. Please access your online quote using the login details provided and check all your details are correct and you are happy with the quote before paying the Deposit.
  9. Once your payment has been received a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your booking has been secured for your wedding date and hair/makeup artist. At this point there is a contract between us for us to provide the hair and/or make-up services to you for payment from you.
  10. If you are unhappy with the hair or makeup Trial you have 7 days to confirm this via email to Joanne at info@absolutely-flawless.net at which point we can either:
    1. Refund the deposit and cancel the booking.
    2. Carry on with booking and request another Trial with same artist (this is payable)
    3. Book a Trial with another artist.
      Please note once trials are carried out the Trial payment is non refundable.
  11. If you require a second trial with the same artist or request a different artist this will be payable in full, as an additional Trial, to the designated artist in question.

Your Right to Change Your Mind (the Cooling-off Period)

  1. You have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days without giving any reason. However, you do not have the right to cancel if you requested for us to start providing the Services during the Cooling-off Period and the services are fully performed (i.e. the work is completed) during this period.
  2. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us of your decision to cancel this contract by a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post or email) using the contact details at the top of this contract. Or, you may use the model cancellation form which we can send to you on request, but use of the form is not obligatory.
  3. To meet the 14-day Cooling-off Period deadline, it is sufficient if your communication is sent before the Cooling-off Period has expired.
  4. We will not start providing our Services to you during the 14-day Cooling-off Period unless you ask us to. If you require the Trial or contact from your hair or make-up artist to begin before the 14-day Cooling-off Period is over you must ask us to do this.
  5. When you make your payment, you will be given the option to tick a box to request us to start providing the Services during the Cooling-off Period. By ticking the box, you acknowledge that you will lose your right to cancel this contract once the Services are fully performed (i.e. the Services are completed). If you do not tick the box, we will not be able to start providing the Services to you until the Cooling-off Period has expired.
  6. If you cancel this contract in the 14-day Cooling-off Period, we will reimburse to you all payments received from you unless you requested for us to start providing the Services during the Cooling-off Period, in which case you must pay us:
    1. for the Services we provided up to the time you told us that you want to cancel this contract, which will be an amount consistent with the proportion of the Services performed up to that point; or
    2. the full fee under this contract, if you lost your right to cancel this contract because the services were fully performed (i.e. we provided the Trial and the wedding day Services) during the cancellation period.
  7. We will make the reimbursement without undue delay, and not later than 14 days after the day on which we are informed about your decision to cancel this contract.
  8. We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement.
  9. This does not affect the rights you have if there is something wrong with the Services.

Start of the services

  1. Your artist or artists will contact you directly by email at the end of the 14-day Cooling-off Period (unless you have asked us to do this earlier), to do the following:-
    1. Introduce themselves by email providing their contact details for all future contact. Followed by a phone call 2 days later to introduce themselves and answer any initial questions.
    2. Arrange any further details for your booking
    3. Provide you with an estimated start and finish time for the hair/make-up
    4. If you need the hair/makeup at an earlier or later time you must let the team member know at this stage as if notified at a later date it may not always be possible to amend due to other work commitments
    5. Your hair/makeup artist will confirm that they will be in contact with you at 12 weeks before the wedding to arrange the Trial for around 10-8 weeks unless you have a specific date in mind that has been discussed with your hair/makeup artist.
    6. If you do have a Trial date in mind please arrange this as soon as possible with your artist or artists as we cannot guarantee your artist will be available especially in peak season or at weekends.
  2. If your artist or artists have not made contact with in 5 working days of the end of the 14-day Cooling-off Period please contact Joanne at Absolutely Flawless directly at info@absolutely-flawless.net
  3. If you need to amend any details for the booking after the initial booking has been made, to make additions or to cancel part or the entire booking this will need to be confirmed by email to your artist directly so they can make the relevant changes and confirm any additional charges that may apply, it may be possible to add extra people at a later date if time permits but this is not guaranteed.
  4. If the booking needs to be reduced in numbers or cancelled entirely please note this may incur a payment as compensation for the net costs that we will incur as a result of your cancellation depending on when we are notified. Please see below for cancellation terms.
  5. Please make contact with your artist via her email or her phone as it is difficult for your artist to keep track of whattsapp or text messages.
  6. Any messages sent at the weekend will be replied to on monday unless urgent due to the artist(s) working on weddings during this time.


  1. All Payments are payable via our online booking system. No cash payments are accepted (except ‘lashes only’) if requested on the wedding day. Any payments for extra services after your initial booking will need to be added to our booking system by your artist. This will require a further deposit payment for the extra services, the remainder of which will be added to any outstanding balance payments. Any services requested but not paid for in advance will not be carried out as no cash payments (except ‘lashes only’ if requested on the wedding day) will be accepted at the trial or wedding day.
  2. The Deposit is payable within 7 days of receiving the quote and is non refundable. If you need more time please contact Joanne at info@absolutely-flawless.net to see if your artist can reserve for longer.
  3. The Deposit is payable via the booking system by logging in to your online quote using the username and password provided on your quote email(s).
  4. Trial (if applicable) and final payments are payable through the online booking system using Worldpay. If you have more than one artist you will need to login to your booking area for ‘each’ artists quote and pay the amounts due for each quote.
  5. The Trial payment is payable via the booking system at least 1 week before the Trial date and no later than 1 day before the Trial. Failure to pay the fee within the stated time will result in the hair or makeup trial being cancelled and all Services not paid for not being provided.
  6. The final balance is payable 8 weeks before the wedding date via the booking system. Failure to pay the fee within the stated time will result in the hair or makeup being cancelled and all Services not paid for not being provided.
  7. Parking fees are payable on the day of the wedding to your hair or makeup artist, where parking fees are applicable to the location. Please confirm with your selected hair or makeup artist prior to the wedding day. This can be done by bank transfer.
  8. Mileage costs if applicable are calculated and added to the final balance. We give the first 50 miles from the artists address complimentary then charge any subsequent miles at 45 pence per mile. Mileage is calculated from the artist’s home address to the trial location and back to the artist’s home address and to the wedding day location and back to the artist’s home address.


  1. Trials are carried at your location of choice, which you have confirmed on the enquiry form. If you are not local it may be possible to arrange a Trial at one of the artist’s homes subject to availability.
  2. The hair or makeup artist will usually contact you around 12 weeks before the wedding date to arrange the Trial for around 8-10 weeks before the wedding day as this is a good time as you will have any colour schemes, themes and styles of dresses decided so the hair or makeup can be styled accordingly.
  3. If however you would like your Trial before this date to fit in with e.g. a hen night or dress fitting please do get in contact with your hair or makeup artist as soon as you know the date you have in mind and they will endeavour to book you in for that date, however this cannot be guaranteed.
  4. If you have more than one artist booked for a Trial and would like to book them for the same date, please contact all artists in a group email to check which dates they will all be available to ensure they can all do the same date as requested.
  5. If you have to cancel or change the date or time of your Trial you are welcome to do so, however please note that if the Trial is cancelled or changed twice or more, you must pay for the cancelled or original Trial plus the new Trial and the new Trial will not be rebooked without payment in advance. This is because we lose potential bookings to other clients if dates are booked out and therefore unavailable.
  6. It is recommended for weddings that your bridesmaids, mother of the bride or guests have a Trial to ensure that you and they are fully happy before the day to give you peace of mind however it is not compulsory as some brides are happy to have the hair or makeup for their wedding party just on the wedding/event day.
  7. At the Trial you will have a full consultation covering skin allergies, skin type and any concerns you have with your hair or skin, what products you currently use, your likes and dislikes including styles you have collected and any preferences. Before any treatment is carried out you and your selected hair or makeup artist will agree on styles of makeup/hair to be trialled before the treatment commences to ensure you are entirely happy. Your artist will stay until you are entirely happy and will make any changes to your final look.
  8. It may be useful to show the makeup artist any makeup products you currently use, as the makeup artist will go through these details as part of the consultation to have an understanding of what you currently wear and feel comfortable in.
  9. For the hair Trial please have ready any hair accessories, veils you wish to wear or hairpieces to be added to the style.
  10. In preparation for your Trial you may like to collect any pictures of makeup/hair you like on Pinterest or bridal magazines to show your hair or makeup artist at the Trial. This is optional as your hair or makeup artist will also show you mood boards as part of the consultation to gain an understanding how you envisage your bridal style to be.
  11. Please can you also advise the makeup artist if possible, if you are going to have a tan or lash extensions on the day so they can account for this at the Trial as this will change the look of the makeup, it is always recommended to have the tan applied pre Trial if you are going to have it on the wedding/event day so the foundation can be matched although this can be matched again on the event day if not possible at Trial stage.
  12. It is also advised to have your hair Trial after you have had your hair cut and coloured, so the hair can be styled and look the same way at the Trial, as it will be on the wedding day.
  13. At the end of Trial once the chosen look has been created, you will be asked to confirm if you are happy with the final look, If you are unhappy with any aspects of the look please do let us know during the Trial so it can be rectified at Trial stage as we will stay as long as it takes to ensure you are happy with the final look.
  14. At the Trial you will also be asked if you are happy for a before and after picture to be taken, this may be used on social media sites and website to show prospective clients the hair or makeup artists work, you are not obligated to agree to this it is entirely your choice. Pictures may need to be taken to guide the hair or makeup artist as a reference to the look on the day however these will not be used on any social media unless permission is given.
  15. Please allow at least 1.5 hours for the hair or makeup Trial for the bride and 1 hour for bridesmaid/mothers/others. Please note, if trying multiple styles it can take longer.

Wedding day

  1. Once we have agreed all the details for the wedding at trial stage our next communication will be 1 week before the wedding to confirm all the final details in case of any last minutes changes to locations or times.
  2. We will then be with you promptly at the agreed time on the wedding day. We will arrive at the time stated on the form unless changes to the start time have been agreed between us.
  3. We will need an area of natural light if possible to do the bridal makeup, if this is not possible we will endeavour to bring our own lighting.
  4. For hair styling we will need plug sockets for appliances.
  5. As a guide we would request from the start time for 1 person to be available for hair or makeup every 45 minutes to ensure we keep to timescales given on the booking form.
  6. We recommend the following as a schedule for hair and makeup:-
    1. The bridal party members getting the bride in to her dress go first so they can go and get ready so they are free to help the bride in to her dress after her hair and makeup.
    2. The bride would then have hair and makeup somewhere in the middle of the running order so she can get into her dress with no last minute rushes.
    3. Anyone who can slip their dresses on easily and not involved in getting the bride ready to go last, this would usually be younger bridesmaids or mothers.
  7. Regarding timings for the wedding day we usually aim to finish 1 hour before the time of the wedding. If you feel you need more time than this to get ready and get to the venue please inform us at the time of booking, as we cannot guarantee after the initial booking that we will be able to amend the finish time due to other commitments.
  8. For a running order for hair or makeup you can have hair or makeup done first as long as after the makeup is done you do not need to wash the hair.
  9. If you need to eat or drink after the makeup is done a top up of makeup will be done at the end of the treatment.
  10. Please confirm to your hair or makeup artist before they leave on the wedding day that you are happy with your hair and makeup so they can make any necessary adjustments. If dissatisfied after your artist has left no compensation will be given.
  11. If you have any issues with your hair and makeup booking please feel free to contact you artist by email or Joanne by email at info@absolutely-flawless.net.
  12. If another artist carries out the wedding on the day using trial notes and pictures from your original artist, we will endeavour to replicate the look as close as possible but cannot guarantee an exact match. In these circumstances we will not be held responsible and no compensation will be offered [unless the Services are obviously sub-standard].
  13. The hair or makeup artist reserves the right to refuse service to the client or members the party for, but not limited to, abusive and threatening behaviour

Ending the Contract

  1. You may cancel your booking with us at any time by email even if we are not at fault and you are outside the 14-day Cooling-off Period. However, please note the following cancellation terms:
    (If you cancel your wedding booking in full or in part with us due to the impact of the Coronavirus you must instead refer to the cancellation terms set out in the ‘Coronavirus’ section below.)
  2. The Deposit is non-refundable (see exceptions 5b,6). The Deposit pays for our costs in arranging your booking, communicating with you to ascertain and discuss your requirements, and communicating with our artists to reserve the booking with them and tell them your requirements. It also reserves the booked date, time and artists exclusively for you meaning that your date, time and artist(s) is not available for other clients to book, and we cannot offer Services to any other client using that artist on that date.
  3. Any Trial(s) and final balance payments, will need to be paid for, or refunded to you based on the sliding scale below. Trials carried out are non-refundable.
    1. Cancellations 20 days or less before the wedding/event, 100% is payable by you, or 0% refunded to you if you have paid in full
    2. Cancellations 21-40 days before the wedding/event 75% is payable by you or 25% refunded to you if you have paid in full
    3. Cancellations 41-60 days before the wedding/event 50% is payable by you or 50% refunded to you if you have paid in full
  4. Any full or part cancellation of wedding booking that has already been postponed for any reason: the following fees will apply
    1. 50% of the final balance will be payable by you or refunded to you if already paid in full if you cancel between the date of rebooking and 61 days or more before your new wedding date.
    2. From 60 days before your new date our normal cancellation terms will apply.
    3. Payments for Trials that have not been carried out will not be payable or will be refunded if paid excluding the Deposit.
    4. Trials that have been carried out will not be refunded.
  5. Cancellations by the hair or makeup artist due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problems rendering the hair or makeup artists incapable of their obligations: the hair or makeup artist will endeavour to carry out the following:
    1. Find a suitable replacement where possible
    2. If a replacement is not possible a refund of the Trial and final balance will be given to the client by the artist. Any deposit will be refunded by Absolutely Flawless.
  6. Cancellations by the client after Trial stage, due to dissatisfaction with the Services provided: the Deposit payment will be refunded if notified within 7 days after the Trial date via email to info@absolutely-flawless.netafter this time no refund will be given.
  7. Trial payments are non-refundable once the Trial has been carried out.
  8. Any refunds due will be paid within 30 days of cancellation.

Events outside our control

  1. We are not responsible for delays to provision of Services by events outside our control. If such a delay occurs we will contact you as soon as possible and we will take steps to minimise the impact of the delay.
  2. Provided we do this we will not be liable for delays caused by the event, but if there is a risk of substantial delay you may contact us to end the contract and receive a refund for any Services you have paid for but not received.
  3. In these circumstances the Deposit is non-refundable.
  4. If the bride or bridal party is delayed from attending the event due to unforeseen circumstances we will try our best to still have you ready on time however this cannot be guaranteed.

Amendments to bookings

  1. You may be able to add extra people to the booking after the initial booking is made, however you will need to check with your hair or makeup artist if they have the time to accommodate this as it is possible the hair or makeup artist after the original booking was agreed, has other bookings for that day before or after your wedding. Any payments for extra services added after your original booking up to and including the day of your wedding must be made through our online booking system. Any services requested but not paid for in advance will not be carried out as no cash payments will be accepted on the trial or wedding day (except ‘lashes only’) if requested on the wedding day.
  2. If you want to make changes to the original time of your booking please contact your hair or makeup artist to confirm if this is possible as it may not be possible after the original booking has been agreed if the hair or makeup artist has other bookings on your wedding day.
  3. If you want to amend the location for your trial or on the wedding day please contact the hair or makeup artist as soon as you can to ensure she is still able to attend the new location, travel expenses may be applicable if the location is further in distance.
  4. If you amend your booking to reduce the number of services and it falls in the cancellation terms period, then please note that our cancellation charges apply to the element of the booking relating to the cancelled members of the party (See ‘Ending the Contract, Paragraph 3.)


If you need to postpone the wedding to a later date for any reason please let us know as soon as possible. then we will discuss with you and enable you to:

  1. Rebook within 12 months of the date you inform us of your intention to postpone.
  2. Have the new wedding date within 12 months of date you rebook. This effectively gives you 2 years breathing room to change your plans. If you decide to postpone, any money you have paid towards the booking will be assigned to your new booking
  3. Have the same artist/stylist for your new wedding date if they are available.
    1. If this is not possible, we will try to allocate a different artist/stylist.
    2. If this is not possible due to no artists being available for the new wedding date then any trials not undertaken and final balances will be refunded. Trials already carried out will not be refunded. Deposits will be refunded excluding the reasonable costs incurred for secured time and administration of your booking from the time of booking upto the time of cancellation.
  4. Please note if you inform us of a postponement 60 days or less before the day of your wedding our usual cancellation terms will apply due to us not being able to fill your date with another booking at such short notice.

Minor Changes

  1. We may make minor changes to the booking to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements and we will inform you if this is required. Or we may make minor adjustments and improvements to our services which will not affect your enjoyment of them. If significant changes are required we will contact you to explain and discuss this with you.

Access to Your Property

  1. If you do not allow us access to the agreed property to perform the services as arranged (and you do not have a good reason for this) we may charge you additional costs incurred by us as a result. If, despite our reasonable efforts, we are unable to contact you or re-arrange access to your property we may end the contract and charge you reasonable compensation for the net costs we will incur as a result of your breaking the contract

Makeup Brands

  1. We use many different brands of makeup which we have hand selected over the years to give the best results for each skin type, brands include, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel, Georgio Armani, Dior, Smash Box, Bare Minerals, Benefit and Art Deco used on “Dancing on ice” for its water-proof and HD ready properties.
  2. If you have a sensitive skin we have a range of products that will help to calm a sensitized skin and primers than neutralize redness.
  3. We also have an extensive range of concealers to cover any imperfections on your wedding/event day.
  4. The makeup is designed to last the whole day and night through and the only item that may need topping up, will be the lipstick/gloss due to eating a drinking.

Your chosen lipstick can be purchased from your makeup artist or they will provide you with a little of the lipstick in a pot with a lip brush, or you can use one of your own if you prefer.


  1. Lashes are payable extra to our makeup service, we have done this so not to increase prices as not every client likes to wear them. Our standard lashes we use are natural looking to enhance your makeup to give natural length and fullness and are £10
  2. We do also stock premium lashes which are fuller and give a bolder look and they can be purchased by contacting your artist who will update your online booking. Prices start from £10 upwards depending on style.


  1. The client shall inform the hair or makeup artist of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions.
  2. Unless we have been negligent, Absolutely Flawless or the hair or makeup artist cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to the client’s failure to inform them of any known condition.

Data Protection

All personal data is processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy available on our website.

End of the contract

If this contract is ended it will not affect our right to receive any money which you owe to us under this contract.

Limit on our responsibility to you

  1. Except for any legal responsibility that we cannot exclude in law (such as for death or personal injury caused by us) or arising under applicable laws relating to the protection of your personal information, we are not legally responsible for any losses that:
    1. were not foreseeable to you and us when the contract was formed;
    2. were not caused by any breach on our part;
    3. business losses; and
    4. losses to non-consumers.

Third party rights

No one other than a party to this contract has any right to enforce any term of this contract