Wedding On A Shoestring – Cost-Saving Tips

Your wedding day is a big deal. Many women have been dreaming about their big day since they were a little girl. The problem is, in your dreams, you don’t have to pay out a fortune. So what do you do if, once you’re engaged, you find that your budget is a little tighter than you’d hoped?


No need to panic – you can still have the wedding of your dreams without having to make huge sacrifices or compromises. You just need to figure out how to spend the money you have smartly. Here are our top tips for planning your wedding on a shoestring budget.


Work out your budget

The very first thing to do is work out how much money you have to spend. It can be all too easy to look through bridal magazines and fall in love with a wedding that’s going to cost you upwards of £25,000. Instead, sit down with your partner and work out the finances. It can also be a good idea to decide how much you really want to spend on certain items. For example, you might allocate a bigger budget to your dress but save money by printing your invitations yourself.

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Ask friends and family for help

Now we don’t mean ask your friends and family for money. Instead think about their talents. If you have an aunt or cousin or grandma who’s an amazing baker, why not see if they will make your wedding cake for you. You’ll save a fortune on the cost of a professional wedding cake maker but gain a more personal, sentimental touch. Maybe your uncle has a fancy sports car you could use as the wedding car? Simply buy some white ribbon to attach on the day and it’ll look just as good as any other hired wedding car.

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Some brides love to get crafty with their wedding day – and if you enjoy the more creative, artistic side of wedding planning then this money-saving tip will be right up your street. There’s no limit to what you can D.I.Y for your wedding. Start with the Save the Dates and the Invitations. If you’re happy to keep going you could handcraft decorations for the day or even have a go at making your own bridal bouquet and buttonholes.

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Consider your date

Working to a stricter budget can leave you feeling a bit put out that you can’t have the fairytale castle of your dreams or the big mansion. In reality, you probably still can – as long as you carefully consider your wedding date. Have a longer engagement and book your venue a few years in advance to secure it – or go the other way completely and ask if they’ve had any last-minute cancellations – both methods can save you money. Next consider how important the day of your wedding is. Do you need to get married on a Saturday or would you be just as happy with a Friday or a Sunday? Some couples are even choosing to have a midweek wedding to save a fortune. This option can work really well if you’re having an intimate gathering with fewer guests. Finally, consider the time of year. You may love the idea of a summer wedding but June to September are often the busiest and most expensive times of year to get married. By having your wedding out of peak season, you may find there’s a hefty discount so you can still have all of the elements you want for a fraction of the cost. And let’s face it, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the beautiful summer’s day you were hoping for even if you did get married mid July.


Can you think of any more cost-saving tips? We’d love to hear them! Comment below with your ideas.