Sexy smokey eyes is something we would all love to recreate but for most its like trying to bag Bradley Cooper, impossible right? well here’s 7 easy steps to creating an easy stress free smokey eye which will definitely turn heads in your little black dress.

  1. After concealing the eye, slick on some eye primer over the whole eye area, this will create the perfect oil free base for your eye shadow to cling to and will prevent creasing.
  2. With a large fluffy eye shadow brush apply the base colour to the whole eye area, this should be a nude tone close to your natural skin colour.
  3. With a crease brush apply a bronze shadow to the socket line (to locate, press with yourΒ finger to find the bit that dips in under your brow bone) then apply to the under eye close toΒ the lash line.
  4. Sculpt those smokey eyes with a small angled eye shadow brush. Apply a deep chocolate brown underneath, tight in to the lash line winging it outwards, then shade half way across the socket and blend any harsh lines.
  5. Give your eyes that sultry look by lining both top and bottom lid with a gel liner applied with a brush, ensuring you apply in the water line to the lower lashes.
  6. Have the full lashes you’ve always dreamt of by applying a lash primer to the lashes before mascara. Apply in thin strokes like you would apply your normal mascara.
  7. Finish the look with a false lash effect mascara applied in a zig zag motion pulling the lashes upwards to give them that extra lift.