Terms and Conditions | Absolutely Flawless

Our team have been vetted by myself personally for their superior hair and makeup skills (and only the best make the grade) and friendly personalities so you feel put at ease on the most special day of your life.

Where it all starts!

We offer a very thorough trial (which most other companies don’t) not just asking a few quick questions and then slapping it on.

We go through in detail your usual makeup and hair routine so we get a real understanding of you personally, as this allows to understand the details you like and dislike when it comes to hair and makeup a the level you feel comfortable with.

We then go through mood boards and any pictures you have collected to find out the look you would like to for your wedding day and choose together a style that will be perfect for you.

We have a large range of products for every skin type even the most sensitive and also for every skin tone our main range is Art Deco used on Dancing on Ice Coronation st and Emmerdale for its sweat proof water proof and HD ready qualities so you will look perfect fro morning till the last dance and flawless on and off camera.

During the trial we will ensure you are happy with every stage and at the end any changes can be made big or small or even a total style change to ensure it feels the perfect look no matter how long it takes we will stay until it is right.

We will then take pictures and document all the details so we have a concise information to recreate the look for you on your wedding day.

We will also go through timings for the day so you can relax knowing everything will run smoothly as you get pampered plus any details for the rest of the wedding party ( if they have not had a trial) as it is a good idea to get this information arranged before the wedding day.

It is entirely up to you when you have a trial some brides like to have one as soon as they book to ensure they are happy with the look however it is a good idea to have one closer to the wedding day around 6-8 weeks before the wedding as by this point you will know your colour schemes dress style and will have you hair cut and coloured in to the style that will remain for the wedding day. 6-8 weeks is a good time frame as it will be fresh in your mind as if you have it quite a while before the wedding you may feel you need another trial to remember what it looked like.

Your date is reserved with your artist for 14 days as this gives time for you to chat with the wedding party and get in touch with us to make any amendments, this also ensures the artist will not get booked for another wedding within this time.

Its easy to confirm the booking all you need to do is log on with the user name and password by clicking the button on the email. Then you can view the booking online to check all the details are correct and then click confirm booking to pay the deposit via world pay with any credit or debit card. You will then be contacted by your artist within 48 hours where she will introduce herself and go through any wedding details and answer any questions and if you wedding is close also book the trial. If you wedding is not for a while she will contact you around 6-8 weeks before the wedding to arrange a trial although you can contact your artist at any time to arrange the trial as it is some times nice to tie in with your hen party dress fitting or a night out to utilize the hair and makeup. If you wedding is in spring/Summer our busy season it may be best to book well in advance to ensure you can have your requested date.

The big day

On the day we arrive promptly at your location and set up for hair where there is an electrical point and for makeup where there is some natural light. If we have not done a consultation for your bridesmaids we will usually ask the bride for any details on how she would like it or we will speak to the bridesmaids as a group to find out how they would all like it styled and go with the majority as it is important for the photos to have similar look for all the bridesmaids as if one decides on something quite different it can stand out. We do however do a mini consultation with each of the wedding party before applying hair and makeup to find out their personal preferences to ensure they are all totally happy with the final look.

We usually take between 45 minutes to an hour per person depending on the look to be created and usually recommend who ever is getting you in to your dress to be done firstly so they can get them selves ready so they are ready to help you in to your dress. You would usually be done some where in the middle so you have plenty of time to get ready and relax. The last to be done are usually ones that can slip their dresses on quickly and advise them to be ready with underwear and jewelry so they can quickly slip their dress on. Lastly would be the little ones just to ensure their hair or makeup stays in place for as long as possible.

Once everyone is complete we would do any last minute refreshment to hair and makeup to ensure it is picture perfect and give you your complimentary lip colour and brush for top ups during the day if required.

We would then kindly ask if we could take a few pictures for our portfolio as it is always nice to show future brides our work.

We also offer a VIP service where you can hire our artists per hour for any touch ups or guests hair and makeup. Please contact Joanne for details to see if this would be possible.