Hair and make-up FAQ's, Manchester, Cheshire and the North West
Absolutely Flawless Hair & Make-Up
Frequently Asked Questions


What type of brands do you use?

We use many different brands hand selected over the years to give the best results for each skin/hair type. Make-up brands include, M.A.C, Bobbi Brown Dior, Smashbox, Benefit and Art Deco used on “Dancing on ice” for its waterproof and HD ready effects. Hair products include, L’Oreal, Sebastian, Wella, Tresemme and Toni & Guy

Do you cater for sensitive or problem prone skin?

If you have a sensitive skin we can use our 100% pure mineral product range that will help to calm and desensitize your skin. For Acne/Rosacea or problem prone skin, we us specially formulated primers and concealers to neutralize redness, ensuring your skin remains flawless all day. If you would also prefer to use any products that you feel work well for your skin type we are more than happy to use them as we want you to feel totally comfortable on the special day.

I want to use some of my own make-up products is this possible?

Yes of course, we want you to feel totally comfortable so if you would like us to use a product you know works well on your skin we are more than happy to do so.

I normally wear very little make-up; will I need to wear lots of make-up to look good?

Not at all, it is all about enhancing your natural features and creating a look that feels like you, just more polished, ensuring you look flawless on and off camera. Bridal make-up is all about good balance and we will ensure there is a balance of what will look good on camera and still natural enough to make sure you feel comfortable with your chosen look.

How do I secure the booking and when do other payments need to be paid by?

Once you have received the booking form and we have confirmed our availability, a 25% deposit payment is payable to secure your booking. This is payable 7 days from the date you receive the booking form. Then if you have requested a trial this payment is payable 1 week before the trial date. The final balance is then payable 4 weeks before the wedding/event date.

How far do you travel?

We cover The Northwest, Greater Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire, There are 50 miles included free in any package booked which includes travel to the trial location and location for the wedding/event day, anywhere further is not a problem, it is just worked out by postcode from the hair or makeup artists location to yours and charged at an addition 45 pence per mile after the first 50 miles.

Do you charge extra for Sunday or Bank Holiday Weddings?

No the cost is the same whatever day you book as we believe there should not be a premium for a certain day of the week or public holidays.

What methods of payment to you accept?

We usually take most of bookings by direct transfer however if this is not possible we also accept cash

Can I add extra people to the booking after the initial booking has been made?

Yes it is fine to add any extra people to the booking for hair or make-up, you would just need to contact your hair or make-up artist with the details and confirm they have time to provide them with hair or make-up to fit in with you booking and an additional deposit may need to be taken.

What if I need to cancel my booking or reduce the numbers for hair or make-up?

This is no problem at all, if you can confirm the details by email to your hair or make-up artist. Cancellations can be done at any point however the following charges will occur based on when the part or full booking is cancelled

Cancellations up to 14 days before the wedding/event, 100% of the total cost is payable.
Cancellations 15-28 days before the wedding/event 75% of the total cost is payable.
Cancellations 29-45 days before the wedding/event 50% of the total cost is payable.
Reduction in part of the booking will be payable (please refer to the above cancellation fees for details)

What if I need to re-arrange the wedding date?

You are more than welcome to rearrange the wedding date due to unforeseen circumstances, however if you have a new date in mind we will need to check if your hair or make-up artist is available. Our cancellation terms will apply if it is 45 days or less see below

Cancellations up to 14 days before the wedding/event, 100% of the total cost is payable.
Cancellations 15-28 days before the wedding/event 75% of the total cost is payable.
Cancellations 29-45 days before the wedding/event 50% of the total cost is payable.

What if my Hair or Make-up artist has to cancel the Hair or Make-up before the wedding date or is ill on the day of the wedding?

Cancellations by the hair or make-up artist due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problems rendering the hair or make-up artist incapable of their obligations, the hair or make-up artist will endeavor to find a suitable replacement however if this is not possible a full refund will be given by the hair or make-up artist. No further compensation will be offered.

Are all your team fully insured and qualified?

Yes all of us at Absolutely Flawless have full public liability insurance and we will not operate with out it. We have also hand selected the best hair and make-up artists in the industry who are all fully qualified and highly experienced to ensure you have the best hair and make-up experience and piece of mind in knowing you have booked a professional.

How far in advance do you take bookings and do you have last minute availability?

We usually take bookings up to 2 years in advance so it is never too early to book. As we have a team of hair and make-up artists we can also book last minute weddings or events.

When do I need to book the bridal trial?

Our team will contact you around 6-8 weeks before the wedding/event date to arrange a trial date, as by this point most things will have been decided including dress style and colour schemes so the hair and make-up can be styled accordingly. If you have these things in place you are welcome to have the trial earlier. To book a trial for both our hair and make-up team on the same day please let the hair/make-up artist know well in advance any dates you have in mind so they can co-ordinate their diary’s

Do my bridesmaids need to have a trial?

We do recommend it but it is not essential, it just gives you peace of mind, to ensure the perfect balance for the photographs and that the wedding party are perfectly happy with the final result so every detail is covered for the wedding/event, so no little stresses to worry about.

Will having a tan/lashes or hairstyle change affect the look of the hair or make-up on the wedding day?

It is advisable if you are thinking of having a tan or lashes to trial them just before the bridal make-up trial so you can see how the make-up will look with them for the wedding day, however if this is not possible don’t worry as the make-up can be colour matched again on the wedding day to blend with the tan.

If you are thinking of changing your hairstyle dramatically in colour or length we would strongly advise having this done first before booking the trial so you can then see how the hair will look on the wedding day as if it changed after the trial the hair stylist cannot guarantee the style will look the same.

What happens at the hair or make-up trial and how long does it take?

We will firstly provide a full in-depth consultation. This is where we will go through with you every detail so we can gain a real understand of exactly what you do and don’t like. Taking in to account your personal style and hair or make-up preferences i.e., whether you like a little subtlety or prefer a bolder more dramatic look. Detailing any colour schemes and themes for the event/wedding to incorporate in to the final look.

We will show you examples of hair or make-up styles to give you some ideas or you are welcome to bring some ideas along to the trial, Pintrest, Instagram or wedding magazine are great for this.

We will make note of any skin or hair issues you would like to conceal and features you would like to enhance.

Once we have decided on a style together. We will style the hair or makeup showing you at every stage so you feel comfortable with the chosen look, if necessary we will make any changes to the hair or makeup to ensure you are perfectly happy with style no matter how long it takes.

At the end of the consultation we confirm all the details and timings for the wedding/event day so you can relax knowing everything is organized and in place for your special day.

As the lips are the only thing that will need re-applying, we will confirm if you would like to order a lipstick from us, use one of your own on they day that is similar, or would like us to provide you with a little lipstick/gloss in a pot with a lip brush.

Please allow 1.5 hours for the bridal trial bridesmaid/wedding party trials may take a little less time.

What do I need to prepare for the hair or make-up trial?

For make-up It would be helpful to bring along the make-up you currently use, as we will go though any items as part of the consultation to understand what level of make-up you feel comfortable with. You can come with make-up on or bare faced it is up to you as the make-up can be taken off if necessary.

For hair please freshly wash and dry, as this will be best for styling the hair.

Provide any hair accessories you would like us to use on the wedding/event day.

Provide any hair extensions you would like adding if you don’t have these your stylist may be able to provide you them at a cost.

For hair and make-up if you would like more involvement in the hair or make-up styling please feel free to bring along any hair or make-up ideas you have collected. Instagram, Pintrest or wedding magazines are a great resource. Alternatively, if you haven’t seen anything you like, we will suggest styles, which will compliment you perfectly, and together we will achieve a look you’re happy with.

If you are unsure about any aspect of your hair or make-up at the trial you MUST say so, as we won’t be offended and will be more than happy to try other looks until you are happy with the results.

What if I change my mind about my chosen look after the trial?

At the trial we try to ensure that you love the look that has been chosen and will change the look at the trial to make sure you are happy. However if you decide after the trial that you would like to try a different look you are welcome to book another trial, this will be payable at the usual rate.

Where does the trial take place and do you come to my location on the wedding day?

The trial would usually take place at your location or if you book Senior Makeup artist Joanne it would take place at her home studio, which is 43 Manor Road Woodley Stockport Cheshire SK6 1RT. On the wedding we will come to your location of choice whether it is at your home or venue of choice.

When do we pay for the trial?

The trial payment is payable 1 week before the trial date by direct transfer, If you do not have this facility please contact your hair or make-up artist as it may be possible to pay them cash directly on the trial date. If extra bridesmaids/Mother’s/Guests require a trial they can pay for the trial separately on the trial date.

I would like wedding hair or make-up but not both is this possible?

Yes of course, as we have separate hair and make-up artists it is possible to book for either service.

Do you offer a service where you stay during the wedding or reception to do touch ups for hair or make-up for the bride and guests?

Yes we do offer this service. It is payable from the time we finish your hair or make-up and is based on an hourly rate of £45 per hour. If you require a number of hours we offer a special discounts so do get in touch with your requirements.

What happens on the wedding day and how long will hair or make-up take?

We spend time at the trial getting every detail perfect for you, so on the day the hair and make-up runs smoothly.

We will arrive promptly at the time arranged at your chosen location with our full hair or make-up kit.

We will then set up an area for hair or make-up usually we would ask for a location with lots of natural light for applying the make-up if possible and for hair an area that has a plug point for the hair appliances.

We would then start applying the hair or make-up and ask that someone is available for hair or make-up every 45 minutes as that is the usual time it takes per person for hair or make-up.

Once every one is completed the hair stylist will wait till the bride is ready to fit the veil and any last minute touches.

The make-up artist will offer any last minute touch ups to lips etc. to ensure you are all camera ready for the day ahead.

If anyone on the day opted for lashes this will be paid at this time.

I have a larger wedding party or guests staying locally can you accommodate larger groups or multiply locations?

Yes as we have a large hair and make-up team so we can provide more than one hair or makeup artist for your wedding or special event.

When do we pay the final balance for the wedding day hair or make-up?

This is payable 4 weeks before the wedding date by direct transfer or by cash.

Will we have the same hair or make-up artist on the wedding day that did trial?

Yes when you make the booking, the hair or make-up artist selected will always provide hair or make-up for both wedding day and trial unless they have had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances and a different hair or makeup artist will be provided where possible or a full refund will be given.

Will my make-up and hair last the whole day through?

We at Absolutely Flawless pride ourselves on our skills in this field and have over the years cherry picked the best products to ensure your hair and make-up will last the whole day and evening and most of my brides have said “it lasted all night and in to the next day”.

The only item that should need topping up is the lipstick/gloss as they tend to be less durable, with this in mind we provide all brides with a small amount of the lipstick/gloss used with a lip brush or alternatively we will recommend the lipstick/gloss used at the trial for you to purchase.

On the day do I need to get hair or make-up done first?

If hair and make-up are going to be done at the same time and same location, it does not matter which is done first.

If you plan to wash you hair on the morning we would recommend doing this before any make-up is applied.

If you are going to the hair salon in the morning, we would suggest you go as a tag team so 2/3 would stay and get make-up done whilst the others go to the hair salon then by the time the 2/3 are back from the hair salon the first 3 to have make-up will be ready to go to have their hair done.

Is there a running order/schedule for wedding make-up on the day?

After years of experience in bridal hair and make-up we would recommend the following order: –

  1. Bridesmaid/person that is going to get the bride in to her wedding dress go first, that way once they have had their hair and make-up done they can put their dress on and will be ready to help the bride in to her dress once her hair and make-up is finished.
  1. It would be advisable for the bride to have their hair and make-up done some where in the middle as if first they can worry about it lasting and if last they will feel rushed to get in to their wedding dress.
  1. Mother of the Bride/Groom or anyone not involving in dressing the bride to go last as they can easily slip their dresses on.

What do I need to do to prepare for hair or make-up on the wedding day?

For make-up if you can cleanse and moisturize your skin and possibly have eaten and brushed you teeth that will really help.

For hair if you can freshly wash your hair either on the morning in oily or on the day before if normal/dry this will help with styling.

Avoid using any hair products or using any heat appliances as this can affect styling.

If you can wear a robe/dressing gown or something that can be easily take off rather than over the head as this may affect the finished hair or make-up.

Do you provide bridal tattoo coverage?

Yes we do offer this service. At trial stage we will assess the tattoo to see how long it will take to cover and any extra costs for bespoke products needed so we can give you an accurate quote for the wedding day. Products can also be purchased for at a later date.